Janne Korpela

Guitar teacher - Music Producer


I´m a music producer, musician and guitar teacher from Tampere, Finland. I´ve developed a passion for playing the electric guitar and I´ve been practicing it for almost 15 years now. Throughout the years I´ve played the guitar in many different bands and nowadays I also work as a session musician. In addition to making my own music, I also record and mix music. Before moving to Tampere I worked as an audio engineer in Electric Fox- studios in Jyväskylä.

Music is a profession and a lifestyle for me and I´m actively seeking to improve myself in all it´s areas. I graduated from Tamperes University of Applied sciences in 2016 as a bachelor of culture and arts. In this website you can also find my blog (Only in finnish for now) where I cover all kind of topics related to music production and guitar playing.



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  • This is the last teaching day of the year. Here is a little excercise I put together for one of my students. Haven't been playing these Gilbert-style arpeggios in a while.

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  • Guitars used on our upcoming EP
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  • Got myself a new guitar! So good!

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  • My teaching just got 10x better. Whiteboard! Who knows whats the topic here?

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  • Heres a C-major lick for you people. Trying to keep it in time. #ibanezprestige #legato #sweeppicking #practice #shredguitar
  • Summer is officially over. Yesterday we finished writing the vocal parts for our new projects upcoming EP. Only small adjustments with the whole band and we're ready to hit the studio. Now its time to actually learn these riffs and there are lots of them!

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