Music Production

Professional audio recording and mixing with a passion

Music Production

Throughout my education I´ve deepen my skills in music production. I started to record music for my own projects about ten years ago and in 2012 I ended up studying studio technology in University of Applied Sciences. Nowadays I do all kinds of production work for different bands/ artists. You can check my work from the player below or the portfolio- page. Before my move to Tampere I worked as an audio engineer in Electric Fox- studios in Jyväskylä.

I do all kinds of audio work including recording, mixing, re-amping and drum editing to name a few. If you want me to work with your project, please contact me through the sheet below or send me e-mail to address: The prices below are directional and they can be negotiated to fit every project individually.

If you want me to review your demos or songs as a producer, Im happy to do it for free!


  • Single song mix 200€
  • Albums, EPs and demos: ask for offer!
  • Ask for offer!
Recording and mixing:
  • Ask for offer! Every project is priced as a whole
  • All prices are VAT inclusive!
If you're buying my services through the internet:
  • Deliver the multitracks for your project in at least 24 bit, 44,1 khz quality as a dropbox, wetransfer or google drive link
  • I can re-amp the guitar and bass tracks if needed (includes in pricing!). For re-amping I´m going to need separate DI- tracks for the instruments and they should not be digitally clipped. If you have no idea what I´m talking about, check this video
  • I can also tune the vocal tracks and add drum samples if necessary (includes in pricing!)
  • First I mix one song so that the band is satisfied. I continue when I receive half of the money we agreed. Then I mix the rest of the songs and give you the final wav- files when I see rest of the payment in my bank account. That way you can be ensured about the quality of my work and I´m ensured that I receive money out of it
  • Payments from abroad through paypal- account



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  • This is the last teaching day of the year. Here is a little excercise I put together for one of my students. Haven't been playing these Gilbert-style arpeggios in a while.

#ibanezaz2204 #ibanezprestige #paulgilbert #arpeggios
  • Guitars used on our upcoming EP
#ibanezprestige #espguitars #guitars
  • Got myself a new guitar! So good!

#ibanezprestige #ibanezaz2204
  • My teaching just got 10x better. Whiteboard! Who knows whats the topic here?

#musictheory #teaching
  • Heres a C-major lick for you people. Trying to keep it in time. #ibanezprestige #legato #sweeppicking #practice #shredguitar
  • Summer is officially over. Yesterday we finished writing the vocal parts for our new projects upcoming EP. Only small adjustments with the whole band and we're ready to hit the studio. Now its time to actually learn these riffs and there are lots of them!

#ibanezprestige #practice #progressivemetal #djent #newband