Guitar Teaching

Guitar teaching for beginners as well as those with previous experience

Guitar Teaching

I started to play the electric guitar as a teenager and my enthusiasism towards the instrument has only increased troughout the years. I started out by listening to punk-rock and quickly found myself listening to metal music. Later on I´ve started to listen to all kinds of music more and more and nowadays I find myself playing everything from jazz to pop- music.

I started to teach the guitar after I graduated from Tamperes University of Applied sciences in 2016. After that I´ve helped dozens of players to improve their guitar playing. My lessons are always sculpted to match the skill level of each individual player. The best results are achieved when student attends lessons regularly over longer period of time. As a teacher I´m trying to find the next logical step for you as a player. That way you stay motivated because you can feel your improvement.

To support my teaching I offer all kinds of digital material such as video clips, links and tabulatures.

My lessons include everything from playing technique, musical theory, ear training and guitar sound creation. I teach the guitar face to face in Kaleva, Tampere and also through Skype. If you´re applying for the conservatory and need help to prepare for the entrance examination, I can help you to go through the material. If you got interested or just want to ask something, please hit me with a message through the contact sheet below!

I´m offering the first lesson for free!


Music Lessons:
  • A single lesson (50 min) 40€
  • 10 lessons for 375€
  • Pair- or group lessons 25€ / attender
  • All prices are vat inclusive!
  • I offer the first lesson for free!
  • Individual lessons are billed monthly.
  • The 10 lesson package will be billed beforehand.
  • I have a guitar amplifier and various different guitars in my studio which you can use freely during lessons.




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